Freedom of Religion? or Freedom to Discriminate?

I have some mixed feelings about the upcoming, sure-to-be-signed Religious Freedom bill that the Indiana Legislature has passed and Governor Pence has already said he will sign into law. I’m urging the governor to not sign this bill.

First off, I don’t condone discrimination. I don’t condone singling out a particular subset of the human race and keeping them from enjoying the fruits of America. Landlords should not be able to discriminate against any humans who have the cash to pay for a unit because they are gay, black, Hindu, or satanists.

That sickens me.

This bill will end up costing Indiana in many ways. Large conventions, like GenCon, and many others, including the NCAA Final Four, will have to rethink their position of bringing a huge chunk of business to a state that lawfully discriminates. It will also seal our fate as a state that doesn’t want to attract talent, hetero or otherwise, because we have  the most churches per capita of any state north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Not desirable, no matter who you’re protecting.

I recently became a Christian, a hardcore, Jesus-believing Christian. I believe that Jesus, first, was about love. I believe that humans are unable to judge others. That is left to a higher power. P.S. There’s no way to reform “sinners” with hate.

That being said upfront, I have a general problem with society and their vacillating beliefs. Why aren’t Christians leading this charge to defeat religious freedoms?

Then again, when it comes to artistic service businesses, why would gays and/or any subset deemed “offensive” by another subset, want to do business with a business that won’t have their heart and soul in it? If a gay couple decide to have a wedding, why would they try to hire a baker who doesn’t agree in the beauty of the commitment or service. They certainly won’t get a great looking cake, will they?

Why don’t pork farmers demand that Shapiro’s Deli carry ham sandwiches?

Why would you force an Indian caterer to put a beef brisket on the menu?

It boggles the mind.

The murder of employees at the satiric French publication Charlie Hebdo was absolutely wrong. But maybe the provocation of printing sacred symbols as a means of getting a few laughs was also wrong. But many out there, stood in solidarity crying, “Je suis Charlie,” as if we wanted more, because it’s OK to skewer a religion that many find offensive.

I’d venture to say that if any publication did the same (poking fun) at gays and lesbians, that it would be out of business in the space between the last and next publication date.

We pick some odd places to stand. Consistency is fleeting depending on circumstances and most often dictated by media portrayal of the events

Does religious freedom mean that some protected classes have an enhanced right to sue an organization for misuse of their religious symbols? I’m looking at the Fighting Illini of Illinois University or any other institution that uses Native American symbols or persona as a mascot.

One of our battles as Christians is to believe have faith in the midst of a human existence. Do we really have a right to discriminate against a subset of people because they believe differently than us?

There’s no doubt that this law will be deemed unconstitutional eventually. This will cost the state money not to mention continue to provide us with poor publicity. Unless Chik-fil-A or Hobby Lobby moves headquarters to Indiana stat, this will be a damaging law for years to come.


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