What’s a Schmendrick?

I’ve always associated Yiddish with comedy. Many of the best comics of the Borscht Belt were Jewish and spoke with a peculiar dialect and rhythm sprinkled with Yiddish words that were hilarious.

The Yiddish language has that ring of humor and the speed of New Yorkers. It just sounds funny.

I took a moment to look up some Yiddish words and their meanings. Schmendrik was one of my favorites. It means a stupid person.

Schmendrake moments is a new feature to my Humor Ninja Blog. Please leave your favorite foolish moments in the comments and together we will create comedy!!



One comment

  1. Mazel Tov! To me, Yiddish humor is a lot more than Borsht Belt comedy. It is laughter about the commonplace in order to survive suffering. It is pathos, It is warmth, it is a way of unburdening cumbersome baggage that one has had to shlep around eternally but doing it in a fun way that those who are in the same circles (and some others) can relate to. One has to be careful, I think, not to highjack something and turn it into something else, just as one must must be mindful of with the humor of African-American comics. I will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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