Let’s drive them all crazy!

About this time every four years, I get really fed up with polls.

Polls drive too much of our politics. Polls influence donors. Polls influence the way politicians vote on an issue. Polls can influence legislation.

It’s stupid.

For these three weeks before a presidential election, polls are quoted daily. Everyone does a poll. I’m convinced that these polls can influence voters who might be less informed about the issues. It also plays a factor in rather voters even bother to go out and vote if they think their candidate can’t win.

What if there were no polls?

What if the news shows and the campaigns had no idea what the majority of us (according to a poll) are thinking? What would that do to policy? To platforms? To donations?

The Supreme Court has given us a political season filled with negative ads launched on behalf of candidates who (allegedly) don’t even know what is going on. None of them talk about how we can fix the raft of problems confronting our nation. That’s because the candidate or party that admits that the solution will likely be tough will lose.

All of this pain and lack of focus on what really matters is because of POLLS.

Now here’s a tough suggestion: No one answers any polls in October. When you get the home phone call, politely decline to participate. Let’s see what happens when our opinions are left out of the process. Let’s let donors and voters decide the facts on their own rather than be primed by the overwhelming amount of poll data.

Let’s drive them crazy by not taking any polls.


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