Thar’s jobs in them counties!

Hendricks County was named in the top 25 counties across the United States for job growth by CNN-Money article out Aug. 15.

The Hendricks County story starts with the tremendous growth of the racing community and then logistics.

Then the article mentioned our promising future.
“New businesses to the area in the last year have included include Med Condense, s2f, Exel and Genco, which helped increase local headcount by more than 900.”

Rockwall County, Texas is No. 1 with a 97 percent increase in jobs in the last decade. Rockwall is a northern suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth area and host to some beautiful scenery and homes. The quality of life is a big consideration in this area. It’s job creation has apparently focused on office complexes.

Hamilton County is ranked No. 5 with a 50 percent job increase from 2000-’10. The article cites the Marsh expansion and the upcoming sublease to First Advantage.


One comment

  1. Rockwall is a great place to live, has great schools and is one of the few areas in Texas that has a diverse population for such a small area.

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