Nurses are the ground troops of Healthcare

Nurses Week

World War II nurses by Timefornurses

Florence Nightingale’s lasting contribution has been her role in founding the modern nursing profession. She set an example of compassion, commitment to patient care, and diligent and thoughtful hospital administration.

–Wikipedia entry on Florence Nightingale

Nursing is an art form rooted in science. Nurturing the ill and recovering is like being a mom to strangers. Nurses are the unsung hero of the medical community. They keep vigil. They administer in place of doctors. They prevent complications and they save money.

Anyone who has stayed in a hospital or visited a loved one under a doctor’s care or even has visited a doctor’s office has seen first-hand the work of a nurse. They are often overworked and almost always underappreciated.

Nurses are compassionate.

Nurses care.

The amount of work it takes to become a nurse is not equal to the appreciation or compensation they earn.

Once a year – coinciding with Florence Nightingale’s birth – nurses are honored with National Nurses Week, May 6-12.

In partnership with Sterling Healthcare, we are collecting great stories of how nurses impacted your health and welfare. We’d like stories of how nurses stayed late to comfort you or your family, how they showed compassion or how they

Celebrate the contributions of nurses to humanity and thank a nurse.

There will be a special tribute to nurses on the Sterling Healthcare Management Solutions Facebook page at Please visit, like the page and post your tribute.


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