Say 2011 as Twenty Eleven

Last week I was watching television and heard President Obama refer to next year as Two Thousand Eleven.
It just struck me.
Since 2005, I have wondered why we didn’t adopt a shorthand version of the calendar year like we have in just about every other century. Why don’t we say Twenty Oh Five or Twenty Ten.
I did some research and discovered that it isn’t even being talked about on the Internet. There was a small campaign and website to create a buzz around saying Twenty Ten, but it didn’t get too far. No one was talking or writing about saying Twenty Eleven, so I decided to pick up the baton and (metaphorically) run with it. (Whew! I’m winded just writing that sentence!)
First, I created a Facebook page. Every cause has a Facebook page. It really should be the first order of business.
Then I created a blog space here on WordPress and linked it to my Facebook page through a nifty and popular application called Networked Blogs.
Now, I’m writing furiously to gain some attention for my little cause.
My biggest obstacle has been a T-shirt manufacturer that will drop ship. I don’t necessarily want to make any money unless it really takes off.
My pitch is various in nature. I argue that it is easier to say Twenty Eleven. Two Thousand Eleven is bulky and wastes a syllable (if wasting means spoken). Twenty Eleven is cleaner and follows an established pattern of saying Seventeen, Eighteen, or Nineteen. I also argue that the change is coming whether we like it or not. By Twenty Twenty everyone will adopt the new, and I argue correct, way to say our year because of the television news magazine or the eyesight reference.
Two Thousand and Twenty will be too awkward.
Is it really important? No. But it ranks up there with installing toilet paper to unroll over the top and drivers who never realize their turn signal is blinking.
It’s an issue of awareness.
Once we become aware, our natural tendency will be to take a shortcut. Americans are a pragmatic people. The less work the better.
I plan to get a series of press releases out and see if I can garner more buzz. Suggestions would be appreciated.
In the meantime, check out my Say Twenty Eleven blog and my Say Twenty Eleven Facebook page.



  1. I predicted months ago that “twenty eleven” would catch on pretty much on its own (jokingly suggesting most people just wouldn’t be able to resist the Dennis-the-Menace-y-ness of it), but a little encouragement can’t hurt. FWIW, WordPress released a new theme with its Version 3 some months back called “Twenty Ten” but as you say, it didn’t really catch on.

  2. I waited for 10yrs for 2010 for people to finally get it then, thinking it would make more sense to them then the “double-zero” from 2001-2009. I just don’t get why they don’t get it nor agree with me when I discuss and site past year verbals. I think it will slowly catch on as more of us begin to say it this way in the media and people will follow. Just one of those things that drives me crazy I guess….I’m in total agreement with you and up for the Twenty Eleven Challenge!

  3. 20-ELVEN sounds so un-sexy!! Whenever I hear it, I almost
    throw up in my mouth a little. I wish we could just jump over it,
    and go straight to 20-TWELVE…mmmm, I feel better already

    1. Perhaps Twenty Eleven is unsexy. I’ve never found any particular year to be sexy except those represented by a Playboy calendar. *growl howl*

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