Facebook gets crazy

It seems like you can hardly turn a corner without running into another story about Facebook. The online social network has had a great year, but as its popularity increases, so have the weirdos.

One story, I recently read was that Facebook is now the latest harassment technique used by debt collectors. They are sending messages to delinquents through Facebook. What’s more, they also are sending wall messages to the delinquents’ friends and asking them to have that person call the collection agency.

Another story had a Minnesota couple polling their Facebook friends for advice on an abortion. Wow!

I believe that Facebook is a great tool for both marketing and for socialization, but these stories go beyond the pale.

But how can we use the above examples to our favor?

Last week, I asked my friends to make suggestions about dress shoe brands. I got plenty of responses, but I could narrow it down to two and make my choice based on those.

I see friends who use their contacts to make connections into companies and important people.

Facebook is also a great tool for learning about someone before you meet them. Think of it as an hour of light conversation about hobbies and family BEFORE you meet them face-to-face.

However, Facebook is not a place to experiment. It is not a place to put all your party photos. My general rule is pretend that everything you put on Facebook will be seen by your mother or your pastor.

That usually cuts down on the crazy stuff.


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