Which shall I choose? Blogging format pros and cons

If you’re thinking about a blog, consider the format that suits you best. It’s not as easy as picking WordPress. There are other options that might fit you better.
Blogger is one such blogging platform. It is so simple to use and gives you some nice flexibility that WordPress doesn’t unless you pony up the cash.
It’s great if you have the panoply of Google cloud software such as Gmail.
Wordpress is unsurpassed when it comes to adapting and getting what you want. The only issue is WordPress my be beyond your technical know-how.
One blogging platform that feels a little hipper is Tumblr. I really like this platform because it feels like you can be a little quirkier. It fits really well and is like an expanded version of Twitter.
Check out my latest blog post on Tumblr where I share a vacation video with my readers.

You can even embed your videos into Tumblr. It can be really cool. It’s limited when it comes to audio blogging.
Audio blogging is a tough nut to crack. There are limited hosting places for free. There are plenty of places that will allow you to record your own podcast using a phone or something.
More in our next installment.


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