Facebook Spam Filter: What your followers may be missing

Facebook has added a SPAM filter to fan pages

In an attempt to help page administrators, Facebook has instituted a spam filter for wall posts on fan pages.
If you have a business or organization page you will see this intro at the top that says you may have a post that has been considered spam. These posts usually contain another website or some similar plug that can be offensive to your audience. It looks like it could be helpful as this type of co-opting will grow over the next few years.
However, it could also keep important interaction from your fans or followers.
Facebook says that when something is filtered out of your wall posts, it can only be seen by administrators and by the poster. Admins will have to unblock it fro the rest of the followers.
To see if anything has been deemed spam, click on your “SETTINGS” directly beneath your status update box. There you will see wall options such as seeing posts from you and others or just posts from you. There will also be a “SPAM” option. Click on that to see if there are any posts considered spam.
If there are, you can remove it or you can unblock it from the rest of your followers. Both options are available by hovering over the post with your mouse and clicking on the “X” in the upper right hand corner.

I know, it may only be as clear as mud, but once you do it, you won’t forget how.


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