How Facebook advertising can launch a thousand ships

As you already know, not every form of advertising works for every business. I would never suggest that a local funeral home advertise in the latest issue of “O.” First off, it’s overkill. The ad would go to several people who wouldn’t ever dream of using a local Indiana funeral home. I also think Oprah Winfrey’s audience isn’t ready to hear about how to purchase a pre-need service. They’re too busy trying to lose weight and clean out their closets.

But I do think some businesses can benefit from the advertising on Facebook. Your small ad can popup on people’s home pages and walls based on where they live and their specific interests.

Next time you’re on Facebook, pay attention to the ads you’re seeing. These are not random. These are targeted based on a number of factors. For instance, I used to get ads for music albums. The copy would deftly read, “If you like So and So, then you’ll love this group.” Without a doubt, the first group or artist was someone I had listed in my profile as liking. Facebook seeks out the information so they can confidently target the right demographic.

Last year, I read about a wedding photographer who would target young women from his area who had the key word engaged or fiancé in their profile info. He tripled his business to a whopping $60,000 a year.

Facebook advertising is “hyper local” meaning you can target not only an area but you can also narrow down the demographics by choosing keywords based on prospective customer’s profiles.

To boot, Facebook allows you to choose your price. You can choose to pay for every impression or only pay when someone “clicks” on your ad to go to your Facebook business page. The first per impression price will be a few cents every time they place an ad on the pages of your target demographic. If you “pay per click,” the price is more expensive (usually around a $1, based on the number of people you have targeted) but you are guaranteed that they clicked through to your Facebook page.

Facebook also allows you to budget your costs. You can request that you spend no more than a few dollars every day. When your limit has been reached, Facebook just stops putting your ad on pages.

It’s easy to get started. Just go to the edit page of your fan page. The link is underneath your profile logo or photo. At the top of that page you will see a link for the “Ads Manager. Click on that and the rest is fairly self explanatory.

Gus Pearcy Communications would be glad to show you how to set up a Facebook ad for a one-time fee of $45.


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