Show us your face, you corporate coward!

A recent study by a well-known research group concluded that Corporate America has no clue how to capitalize on Social Media when it comes to engaging their fans or customers. The biggest problem is so simple to cure, I can’t believe it is still a problem. But the giant brands down to the small business owners can’t seem to grasp one simple idea: Social Media is a SOCIAL medium.
Perhaps I have puzzled you.
Business has done such a great job of putting the brand first they seem to have forgotten that people buy from people. The same holds true in social media. People want to be friends with real people, not corporations or businesses. Sure, it’s cool to fan a brand, but engagement is a more personal science.
The main target of this diatribe is very simple: anonymous e-mail addresses.
For crying out loud, direct your customers to write to you! Give them a name of someone who will speak to their issue. I can’t stand to see “Contact us by e-mail at
Businesses are owned by people. Customers want to speak with people. Not anonymous e-mail addresses.
Same holds true with Facebook pages.
It’s OK to have a fan page with the name of your business, but please post under your name. Or get someone to post under their name. Give people a face and a name of the poster and let them interact with a person who champions your product or service.
Once they realize that a real person is running the business, they will be more likely to respond, interact, and eventually buy from that person.
Find the face for your company and then start being social on social media.

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