Secrets of Facebook REVEALED! (Just one)

I have been driven crazy the past few weeks trying to figure out how some people have been able to publish thousands of characters to their status updates, while mine have always been limited to 420.

Well, friends, I have discovered the secret to publishing books in your status update. Pay attention and follow the simple instructions and you too will be able to type much longer statuses.

Just post a photograph or a graphic about your intended subject.

Post your Jpeg to your Facebook site. Then click on the image and go to the lower right corner and choose to “edit this photo.”

Once you arrive at the edit box, you can begin typing your super-long status update under the CAPTION.

Type as much as you want.

Leave lots of room for whitespace. Go ahead! It’s FUN!!!

Now, you too can post long status updates … if you want.

You CANNOT do the same thing on Twitter.

(P.S. I recommend that you distill your message into the shortest phrases possible. It’s more likely to get read!)


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