My column came out today!

Since 2006, the Hendricks County Business Leader has been publishing a column written by me. I’ve always been amazed that it has lasted. I try to be humorous, but I still have a lot to learn about writing.
Here’s a column from last June for my blog people who can’t get my column.
How Father’s Day can save our economy
Stress less and save your life
Stressless tips for a healthy outlook

Wake up, Grandpa!

As the old joke goes, my grandfather died peacefully in his sleep … unlike the

screaming passengers in his car. Some of you may feel like a passenger in the car of the economy, careening toward the edge. The stress can be unbearable. It may be more detrimental than any damage caused by withering income.
The economy is becoming a very personal event. Either you have a job or you don’t; either you are making it in business or you aren’t. Some areas are still doing

just fine despite the nattering nabobs. So if you are suffering with less, take heart that this too shall pass and you will find a way through the wilderness. I’m here to help. Since you can’t afford a trip to the doctor or mental health professional, I will offer a few tips on how to make the most of your life during these hard times.

I’m not trying to minimize the severity, just lighten the struggle and help you realize that there can be a silver lining.
The absolute worst thing you could do is stress about it. Stress can often lead to depression which is the worst subdivision in Plainfield. So here are some tips on

de-stressing and making your life better during these challenging times.
Get off your keister – Go, do something, run, or drop and give me 20. The worst thing in this economy is to become stagnant. Keep moving and the bank will never catch up with you.
Start weaving baskets –

It no longer carries the stigma of an activity for the criminally insane. Any hobby will give your mind and you someplace else to go and literally get away from it all. You could also go back to school or

learn a new skill on the computer. I took up creating balloon replicas of former boss’ heads. It’s fun to watch them go pop.
Watch the Brady Bunch – Those characters were about as uncool as WIN buttons, but they were positive. The family portrayed on television was s

upportive and always positive about even tiny accomplishments like Marcia Marcia Marcia’s clearing acne. These days reality is something worth escaping and who can afford the movies?
Reconnect with Dad on Father’s Day – Having less forces you to interact with

your friends and family. Getting to know your circle of support can be comforting or at least distracting. That may be an overriding positive in this economy.
You’ll never drive that Lamborghini – Now more than ever it is imperative to create goals that are achievable. A sense of achievement can go a long ways to improving your outlook.
In a world that

is out of control, it’s important to deal only with the items you can change. Don’t allow the government forecasts to get you down, ignore the doomsayers on the nightly news and work on the things you can

change. We’re all in this car together screaming for the driver to wake up. As the old prayer goes, the wisdom to know the difference is what you should be asking of your higher power.

My latest column started arriving in mailboxes today. The title is: Don’t let him know you’re a jerk.


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