Elvis is Alive and Singing

Some of you know about my connection to XRB the Oldies Station in Brownsburg. I volunteer my time to them because I feel local radio is important. I spent 13 years in radio and watched it go from local radio to corporate crap. It is a great loss. All the local Indianapolis stations have migrated into the city abandoning their city of license except for an obligatory nod during a top-of-the-hour station ID.
Local news on radio is also a rarity. I know of three Hendricks County radio stations that are completely unrecognizable from their city of license. Their studios are far away from Plainfield, Danville, or Brownsburg. They don’t carry local sports or local talk shows about events happening in your community.
Oldies XRB was started 18 months ago to fill that niche. This essentially one man operation is trying to bring back local radio. He should be commended. Shane Ray doesn’t have a rigid format. He plays songs people like to hear and he mixes in local talk about things hopefully that people want to hear.
At least he includes things that people should hear.
There are so few things in our lives that tie us to where we live. That instill that sense of pride of community. Oldies XRB is local and it is fun. It’s getting some big talent and offering up some of the most interesting programming around. Check it out on the Internet at http://www.radiobrownsburg.com.

Oldies XRB to air “Elvis In Hawaii” Special.

Fifty years ago this month, a 25-year-old Elvis Presley got out of the U.S. Army. Upon his return, he jumped right back into the movies. A year later, he would be making the movie that would be his most successful. It was called “Blue Hawaii”. A movie he would be forever identified with.
In honor of the anniversary, Oldies – XRB will be airing a 1-hour special called “Elvis in Hawaii” on March 25th at 2pm. A rebroadcast is scheduled for the 27th at noon. It will be hosted by Bob Jenkins who also has a weekly show on Oldies – XRB called “The Fabulous 50’s and Early 60’s Show” and is currently the lead commentator for the IndyCar Series on Versus cable network.
Shane Ray, owner of Oldies – XRB, wrote the show to bring awareness to Beacon of Hope Center for Women and The Historic Artcraft Theatre – two nonprofit organizations. Beacon of Hope will be having a Hawaiian Beach Party fund raiser on April 24th. The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, Ind., will be showing the Elvis movie “Blue Hawaii” on the big screen on March 26th and 27th. The radio show can be heard in Brownsburg on 1610 a.m. and around the world on http://www.radiobrownsburg.com .
For more information on the Beacon of Hope for Woman go to http://www.beaconofhopeindy.org or call (317) 731-6131. For more information on The Historic Artcraft Theatre go to http://www.historicartcrafttheatre.org or call (317) 736-6823.

Oldies XRB


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