Adding to my previous post…

There were some last minute additions and retractions from the list of Republicans running for office in Hendricks County. Check out my last entry to learn more.

First, the disappearance act of Sheriff candidate Tom Goode. Perhaps he understood the dynamics of a 3-way race and opted not to be a thorn in the side of the other two. Who knows, but Tom Goode has removed his name from consideration for the Hendricks County Sheriff, leaving only current Sheriff Dave Galloway and former Sheriff Jim Quearry.

The only new information from the previous posting comes in the Republican primary for Avon Town Council. Three district seats are being contested this year.

Dist. 1 has the incumbent Greg Zusan running against former council member Dave Jackson and more distantly, former council member Jim Tygrett. It will be interesting to see what the issues are that come out of that race.

Dist. 2 has incumbent Bev Austin running against former council member Dave Cox and newcomer Marcus Turner.

Dist. 3 has incumbent Mike Rogers running to maintain his seat from challenger Lucinda Kozinski.

Keep coming back for more information and updates as they occur.


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