How mundane

This humorous segment on news segments is so on target. If you watch national news or morning shows you know exactly what I mean. The formula is almost identical.
Now, as a media relations person, I understand that this formula is popular because it works. It’s the right amount of dramatics and it, most importantly, conveys information in an understandable manner. But I get the feeling that the subtext of this funny video is that it’s become a tired concept and we need to spruce it up.
The problem is that in an age where media is suffering from anemic ad revenues, no one wants to take a gamble on a new format. Failure can be permanent (except if you’re a major national bank or lending institution.) You can’t always count on the government to bail you out.
I struggle with formats as well. I’ve become complacent in my press releases because I know what works and what doesn’t. But since I’m working for results, I focus on the “what works” part.
It’s very hard to work up a relationship with the news media because they are so busy and don’t have time to uncover the next major scandal.
Creativity suffers in a recession as well I guess.
As a public relations professional, I always endeavor to dream up new and innovative ideas for delivering my customer’s messages. This has become easier with the Internet and social media, but it still is a struggle to find the way to get a message to stick.


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