Grading scale dilemma

Here’s some info put out by the Danville, Indiana Community School Corporation. They’re asking me to develop an opinion and lobby for it. However, I’m confused as to what the pros and cons of advocating a lower grading scale may be.

Can you look at the information provided and give me your thoughts?

Grading Scale Survey, Fourums and Information



  1. Danville’s kids have an unfair disadvantage as compared to other schools. They have to work harder than students at other schools to receive the same grade, since a student at Avon receives an A- with 90%, and a Danville student would only receive a B with 90%.

    I would imagine that since this lowers their GPA, these students look like they are scoring lower as compared to students at other schools, even though they are not.

    If I was a Danville parent, I would be angry that my child is unfairly penalized when compared to other schools. It could mean the difference between being accepted to a certain college or not; and it could make a huge difference regarding scholarships.

    I hope Danville does the right thing and gives their students an even playing field. Although I understand the thought behind it – they want their students to try harder/work harder/be their best, etc., the unfortunate result is that these students are penalized when they apply for college and scholarships.

  2. I totally agree with Lori’s comments. My son is in 3rd grade and when I spoke to his teacher about the possible change, her comment was “teachers can manipulate the grades”. I’m sure this is true…so what will happen if the scale changes? More manipulation?

  3. My daughter graduated from Covenant Christian HS in 2000 with a 3.945 GPA where you had to have a 96% to get an A. She collected an “Honors Diploma” along the way and graduated 6th in her class of 34….A whole bunch of outstanding scholars in the class…..and here’s the rub….She didn’t qualify for hardly any scholarship offers because she didn’t graduate in the top 10% of her class….LOL. So you want to talk about leveling the playing field?????

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