What I do for a living

Gus Pearcy Communications is my business to accept freelance contracts for projects which primarily deal with public relations and copywriting.
First, I consult with clients on ways to get their message to the public. I will be working with several political clients on everything from slogans to brochures to copy for advertising.
Second, I am a freelance writer who will write copy for brochures or press releases.
Third, I have a relationship with various writers at the Hendricks County Flyer and the Indianapolis Star. I can write and present a press release to them and send it to several other organizations around Central Indiana. I like writing news stories and profiles. I think I would be a good corporate blogger, conveying a message to readers about a company and their products or services.
News releases, newsletters, Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, Podcasts, RSS feeds.
Gus Pearcy Communications can also develop webpages and the content to go on them. I have several web page templates that can be modified to fit any business. I can work with a business to develop the graphics and copy that will attract search engines and potential customers.
I am also an excellent public speaker and can offer any organization my skills to reach stakeholders in a public speaking situation. I am terribly entertaining and able to deliver a message in a unique and humorous way.
Along with Zach Rosing Productions, I write video scripts. I specialize in interviewing and then editing together a compelling video to attract customers, members, donors, and more.
Check out our latest video here: http://www.zachrosing.com/2009/09/24/habit-of-the-heart/
If you see a need for any of these services, then please give me a call. Or if you see a need to increase communication between you and your customers or employees, give me a call. I bet we can work something out.

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