Balloon boy story was a hoax!

Jiffy Pop, anyone?

Jiffy Pop, anyone?

From the moment I heard that the Heene family had been on reality TV and that they called the media to look for their airborne son, I knew that it had to be a hoax. I told my wife that it was fake.
Personally, I hope the law is rather harsh with the parents of that boy. The crime they perpetrated may seem harmless, but it undermines the credibility of our culture.
What does it say about a society that allows these hoaxes? For a half day, the emergency personnel were chasing this balloon. The cost is staggering, I’m sure.
Perhaps worst is the lack of public trust in what is being portrayed as news. I may be naive, but for the most part I believe that news events are factual. I may not agree with the tactic used to report the news or the angle the story takes, but generally I believe that a car accident happened.
On a side note, I hope that authorities will look closely at the family and determine that the environment is suitable for their children. I don’t want to pass judgement like the rest of the media, but it is a good question and they have set themselves up for this kind of scrutiny.
I don’t always like the way our news organizations act, but these kinds of hoaxes will erode a trust that has been built up over many years if not centuries.
Am I wrong?


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