Starbucks finally has TWO new iPhone apps

With the unusual slowness of a company built on addiction to caffeine, Starbucks has finally unveiled not one but two new iPhone apps and both are FREE.

Starbucks has released two new iPhone apps

Starbucks has released two new iPhone apps

The first app is the Starbucks Card Mobile app. It allows Starbucks card holders to keep tabs on their cards. With the Starbucks Card Mobile, you can check your own balance, reload your card, view transactions and in 16 stores in California, you can pay for your Starbucks with your iPhone.

This all assumes that you have registered your card at, it’s the only way I can see it working.

The second app is myStarbucks and it is exactly what you think it should be. It allows you to store your favorite stores, drinks, coffee beans, and food. It also finds and gives directions to Starbucks stores around you. This uses the GPS capabilities of the iPhone and then maps out the Starbucks stores around you.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the new myStarbucks app is the nutritional information included. For instance, I can see that my Orange Mango Banana Vivanno Smoothie has 260 calories of which only 15 are from fat. It has 51 grams of carbs and 34 grams of sugars and gives me 40% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C. The nutrition also gives approximate dosage of caffiene. This is a boon to all who wonder exactly what they’re getting.

Both apps are well laid out, very intuitive and functional. They are exceptional for the traveler who needs to find the nearest Starbucks or is embarrassed about not being aware how much money is on their card. It’s also great to be able to reload your card and get the cool benefits the card affords you i.e. free syrups, milk upgrades and other goodies.

I love my Starbucks apps and I think they will be very popular among iPhone users. DO you agree? Isn’t the perfect demographic?


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