Answering the imponderables of life …

Q: What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?



I get this question all the time. (Actually I stole it from another blog.) Death is not cumulative except for smokers an alcoholics. Death is a rather sudden reaction to life.

However, being scared to death is unlikely. At most, one is scared half to death. Within a period of moments, one’s life is restored to fullness and awaits the next scary incident. I suppose another “half-death scare” immediately introduced to the scare target could produce a full death, but the adrenaline pulsing through a victim’s body makes them keenly prepared for any future scare attempts.

Think of it as a video game. Life is fraught with space invaders who try to zap you. Your mission as a sentient human is to dodge the ill-will and fire back your own brand of zap. Your video avatar can withstand some pressure and even take some hits thus depleting your life. Recovery is as simple as avoiding bastards who harsh your mellow.

These are not complicated answers. The difficulty lies in the implementation.


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