The best Fathers Day gift of all

Luke has been trying to play Pee Wee Baseball since April. This is his first year of being old enough to play in the 5-7-year-old league. He’s stuck with it and had some successes, but he, admittedly, has had some trouble getting the hang of it.

In this league, the pitcher is your coach. He tries to deliver the ball at just the right height so every player can be a major leaguer. Luke had a horrible batting average, but still tried and actually had a few base hits. However the last few games, he was in a slump. He would hit it foul or would completely strike out.

The day before Father’s Day was a hot one. Luke’s last game for the season was at 3 p.m. and the temperature was soaring in the upper 80s. Many family members had come to see him play, but couldn’t stand the heat and humidity and bailed after Luke struck out at two at bats.

They missed the best part.

His last bat of the season was the most memorable of all. With two strikes against him, Luke connected with the ball that dribbled out in front of him. Here was his strong suit. He threw the bat and took off for first base. The fielding team did their best to get the ball, but saw that Luke was going to beat any throw to first base. So they didn’t throw it.

Luke didn’t stop.

He went straight for second. The coaches and team was yelling at him to go back. He just kept running. Before the other team could react, Luke made it to second. Then the team tried to contain him, but 5-year-olds aren’t the best catchers in the world. When they overthrew second, Luke was being motioned to run to third.

It happened a second time at third base. Luke was being waved to home and he ran as fast as his little 26-inch legs would carry him.

The play at the plate wasn’t even close and the crowd was hootin’ and hollerin’ for my son as he scored a home run. He was very proud.

But that’s not the end of it.

After the game was over, the coach was addressing his team. He told them that he saw something today that he wasn’t expecting at all. While he usually gives a game ball to the Most Valuable Player, today, he was compelled to give Luke the game ball with everyone’s name autographed on it.

I have never seen my son that happy since he got his musical frog for Easter when he was four months old. He was beaming with pride and I have to admit, I was choked up a bit too.

It was the best Fathers Day gift of all.

There may have been some male ego involved, but I think any good father wants to see his children succeed. While it may have been some sort of fluke, Luke made his own luck and I couldn’t have been prouder of my son.

What a great Fathers Day 2009.

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