The perfect way to eat your vegetables

My life has sort of turned upside down with the revelation that my body is not processing my blood sugar properly. So I’m learning about diabetes and blood glucose spikes and finger pricks. Thankfully, I’m not learning about medicine, but if I don’t get this under control, it will be the next thing.

Mix with fiber capsules.

Mix with fiber capsules.

As part of the drill, I was invited to an educational session with a diabetes specialist and a nutritionist. Every diet I have ever tried has asked me to increase my intake of vegetables. Not an easy task. I don’t like most vegetables except corn on the cob and peas and neither of those are good for controlling diabetes.

The dietitian was a pleasant woman who by her appearance and her  struggle with pitch perfect English was probably foreign born.  During our session, she  inquired about vegetables I liked. There was an awkwardness to the conversation. No was the answer to every vegetable she suggested. In order to save face, I cheerily told her that I drank V-8. She said that was good except I wouldn’t be getting the benefit of the fiber.

Without thinking I said, “Well I take fiber capsules with my V-8.”

She stared at me for a second. Then I elaborated. “I take fiber capsules and wash them down with V-8.”

There was laughter for 30 seconds. I never realized what I was doing and she, by her own admission, had never heard of anything like that. I got to thinking about it, and I realized that’s the prefect way to eat vegetables!

The perfect complement to V-8 juice.

The perfect complement to V-8 juice.


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  1. I don’t even see what she found funny. Makes perfect sense to me. My husband’s family talks a good game about eating their veggies, but they still rely on their fiber tabs. I just concentrate on fruit.

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