Land of the free BECAUSE of the Brave

Memorial Day is May 25 this year. Traditionally for Hoosiers it is a recovery day from the exciting month of Indy 500 action. But, traditionally, Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen heroes of the U.S. military. The men and women who fought so that we may be free.
My headline was a thought suggested by Army Major General Mark Graham who appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air May 8. He lost two sons who were serving in the military. One was killed in Iraq and one committed suicide. Since then, he has been working to reduce the number of suicides in the military.
He believes that the United States is free because of the brave. I agree. This country has, time and time again, stepped up when needed and has become a super power nation because of the sacrifices of our military.
We must remember those who sacrificed so much.
Indianapolis has the most military memorials after Washington D.C. One of my favorites is the Medal of Honor memorial along the canal behind the Eiteljorg Museum.

Please visit a ceremony today and remember that we are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.



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