Relay for Life inspires and touches

I’ve been to a couple Relay for Life events, but last night was the first time I participated in one. I walked a couple of hours at the Avon, Indiana Relay for Life event and found it very nice. My stint was 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. for Starbucks. Part of that time I sold coffee.

I walked about 4 miles and each time around the circuit, I eventually understood the impact cancer has on our spirits. It steals life, causes anguish for entire circles of humans, and often redefines someone whether they like it or not.

The 5/8 mile track was lined with luminaries each bearing the name of a loved one who was affected by cancer. Some bags were decorated elaborately, many were just a plain marker, but I realized that it was the representation that mattered most.

Then it truly hit me when I saw names of people I knew. The organizers and participants are caring volunteers who yearn to turn cancer into a benign diagnosis. More importantly, they are honoring the memories of friends and family who are dealing or dealt with cancer.

God Bless!



  1. Hi Gus, I am participating in Speedway’s RFL next month. It always surprises me of the people who have been affected by cancer. It seems the harder we fight, the harder the fight becomes. Thanks for participating.

    1. Just yesterday evening I was watching a customer at Starbucks who was reading a book about unraveling cancer. At that moment it seemed like the battle was a very solitary effort. He appeared that it was something that he had to face alone and I thought that was unfortunate. But these mortality issues are very personal. An event like Relay for Life doesn’t change that, but perhaps it shows that there is a network of support available. Good luck in the relay.

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