Brownsburg woman suspected of faking robbery sought on warrant

Staff Report
Originally published on the Evansville Courier Press April 29, 2009

A woman who police suspect faked being a robbery victim at the Casino Aztar parking garage earlier this year is being sought on a warrant, police said this morning.

Gretchen Groover, 27, told police she was robbed by two men the morning of Feb. 9 as she went to retrieve a slip of paper from her car, according to an incident report. She said one of the men was armed with a handgun.

Groover was reportedly in town from Brownsburg, Ind. for training at Old National Bank.

Authorities say they were unable to find any surveillance footage of the incident or the suspects on the casino’s security cameras.

Evansville Police Department Spokesman Steve Green said Groover also refused multiple requests by detectives to come back to Evansville for an interview and later hired a lawyer.

“That doesn’t sound like a victim to me,” he said.

A warrant for false informing, a class A misdemeanor, was issued Tuesday.

Green said law enforcement in Brownsburg may pick Groover up. It’s possible she could then be transported to Evansville, though Green said he did not know off-hand how far officials will extradite on a misdemeanor arrest.

“If she’s smart, she’ll turn herself in so she won’t have to ride back in the back of a sheriff’s department van,” Green said.

– Gavin Lesnick (Follow Gavin on Twitter)


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