Can’t drive a car until 16.5 years of age

Luke at 3 driving a car.

Luke at 3 driving a car.

According to WTHR, teens will have to wait until they are 16 and a half before tehy can drive on their own.

The Indiana House approved a bill Wednesday that would make young drivers wait longer and practice more before getting their license. The bill approved 93-6 would also ban those under 18 from using a cell phone behind the wheel.

While I agree with the cell phone ban, I think the age discrimination bill is capricious and arbitrary. Not every 16-year-old is a highway killer. The maturity of a student driver varies greatly at that age, so why does the state think that this is safer?
Once again, the state is stepping in for a lack of parenting. I will know when my son or daughter is mature enough to drive. It could be 16 or maybe not until 17. This is big insurance sticking their nose into our lives so they can make a big profit.
I consider myself pretty well informed when it comes to current events, yet I remember nothing about this being an issue before this legislature. I usually fill out some questionnaire about the issues for my representatives, yet, I can’t recall any news about this before today’s vote.
It’s wrong for a number of reasons. Similar to the seat belt law, which is also wrong, this is no concern of a government. I can’t imagine that forcing students to wait an extra 5 months could be that big of a difference.
This kind of legislation really steams me. If the state is so interested in citizen safety, why allow motorcycle riders to go helmet free? I can’t imagine that it is safer to allow a biker to go sans head protection. Where is the consistency?
This bill is only good for driving instructors and parents who cannot tell their children no.
Lawmakers, stop the madness and debate the budget instead of wasting time encumbering the lives of Hoosiers.


One comment

  1. I agree with you… I think there are other ways to make the roads safer.

    I think that the elderly should be required to take a driving test every year or 2. There are many elderly people that are FAR worse than the teenagers I see driving. After a certain age… renewing your license should be a privilege not a right.

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