About your host … me

Eventually, I transitioned out of broadcast journalism to print. I learned about graphic design and then I went back to telling stories. I’m good at it. I wrote constantly for six years conceiving and writing more than 5,000 stories for the Flyer Group in Avon Indiana. I was an editor, a writer, a fact checker. I even did a stint at obituaries.
In 2004, I left the Flyer Group to finish my bachelor’s degree at Indiana State University. I also began to pick up freelance work writing grants and newsletters. I also wrote several press releases. Once I graduated (with a 3.95 GPA, thank you), I couldn’t find the right position, so I kept on freelancing. I wrote stories for the Hendricks County Business Leader, the Morgan County Business Leader, the Hendricks County ICON, Sheltering Wings newsletter, Town of Avon newsletter, and I began to create content for websites, brochures, and other marketing collateral.
Personally, I was starting my own family. I had my son, Luke, and my I began to grow within my heart. I also have a daughter named Violet and I just moved into my permanent home in Danville, Indiana. Lesley is my wife and a dental hygienist by trade. Together we are skipping through life and all its awe-inspiring wonder.
I have been putting off my own blog for several years, afraid I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. Now, I begin my blog with a glimpse into my life and what makes me qualified to bring this to you.
The contacts I have made throughout my years have become friends. I still receive several press releases and I still have much commentary to add. I am a voice in this community who has several years of history and who still feels that he can contribute. But I will do so on my terms and at my own pace. This blog will not only be a source of information, but also a resource for the community. I will not hesitate to add my two cents through explicit commentary.
There will also be a good dose of (copyrighted) humor because there is still a part of me that wants to be the entertainer. So subscribe and don’t miss another installment as sporadically, they may come. Let the choking begin.


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