A new venture

From very early in my life, I have been a communicator. Primarily, I have been a comedian. I always enjoyed the power to make someone laugh. My wit was something I began to polish very early with a dream of being a standup comedian, a dream I couldn’t pursue because of my fear of choking.

Early interests

History was always an interest. I enjoyed learning how things used to be and how that affected my generation. I graduated from Cascade High School in 1980 unable to envision the rest of my life.

My passion to perform led me to theatre in college. There I was exposed to rationalization and back story. I was introduced to philosophy and differing viewpoints. My world began to expand quickly. Different roles expanded my horizons. When you inhabit the thoughts of a character, you also inhabit their viewpoints and their rationalizations. You can’t play a part convincingly without advocating their beliefs. Actors can’t deny their characters because the audience picks up on it right away.

Out of college, I began to find work, pay bills and pay taxes. When I couldn’t find work as an entertainer, I became a news reporter – a crash course in everything. In order to be able to tell a news story, I had to understand the story. I learned about government, courts, crime, and then, the features. I would learn about extraordinary people and their circumstances.

To be continued …


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